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Your Introductory Appointment

In a pre-covid world we had been introducing this new concept and our patients love it. As we know, the world is a little different now but we are still trying our best to implement this offer, all be it with a few changes.

We look forward to a time when this whole offering, including coffee, can continue. Most of this service continues though, essentially we want you to be able to find out more about receiving care at Waterside Dental Care in Rochdale in as relaxed a manner as possible. We do need you to call ahead at the moment though to arrange.

Trust goes both ways, and we feel that in order to provide the best care for our patients, we need time to develop a rapport and build a sound working relationship. We therefore invite you to arrange a convenient time to visit the practice, enjoy a nice coffee, get to know the place and meet some of our team to discuss your treatment requirements and concerns before investing in our full consultation.

We offer all patients, new and existing the opportunity to book an appointment to have a FREE digital scan of your teeth and a FREE smile simulation to show how your teeth could look if they were cosmetically straightened. We even send you the simulation via email so you can look at it at your leisure.

Arrange your free introductory appointment.

We look forward to meeting you. 🙂

All the team at

Waterside Dental Care

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