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Dental implants are the most natural and effective way of replacing missing teeth. An implant is a titanium ‘screw’ that is inserted in the jawbone with precision and care. From this a single tooth, a few teeth or even a whole set of teeth in the form of a bridge or denture can be attached.


We are fortunate at Waterside to have highly experienced and skilled implant surgeons placing dental implants. We are at the forefront of innovation, using the latest 3D intra-oral scanning, 3D printing and CT scanning equipment to ensure that each patient has the most predictable, safe and successful treatment outcome. It also enables us to provide tailored solutions in even the most challenging cases.


Understandably, having any form of surgery can be daunting. If you feel anxious in any way, we can provide your care under intravenous sedation, a safe procedure that relaxes and enables you to have as pleasant a journey as possible. Equally, should you feel you’d rather just watch a film or Netflix, take advantage of our ceiling mounted TVs while we get to work.

dental implant clinic rochdale


Its never a nice thing having to lose a tooth, and the prospect of a denture, implant or a gap can be daunting for some patients. A bridge is a false tooth that is permanently cemented (doesn’t come out) to the neighbouring teeth. They are a strong and highly aesthetic option to replace one or multiple teeth.


There are essentially 2 types:


Maryland Bridges – these require no drilling or preparation of the supporting tooth and simply involve bonding a false tooth into position via a thin wing. The long term prognosis for these bridges is very good.


Conventional Bridges – These bridges are made via a crown being placed on the adjacent tooth to the gap and having a false tooth attached to the supporting crown which is then cemented in place. These are extremely strong and in the right circumstances have a very good long-term prognosis.

Teeth Replacement

Nobody likes to lose teeth and we appreciate how this can affect your confidence. Dentures don’t need to look like false teeth and don’t have to cover the roof of your mouth either! At Waterside we use the best materials with highly skilled lab technicians to produce dentures of the highest standards.


Dentures not only replace teeth but are able to replace the missing support from the bony tissues that bridges and implants sometimes just can’t do. Supporting facial tissues with a denture use helps reduce the appearance of ageing.


Whether it’s a complete denture or a partial denture, speak to us about your options and we will provide the bespoke solution to your tooth replacement needs.