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Gum disease is a common but serious condition that can result in loss of teeth, but is largely preventable.


Great gum health is the foundation of long-lasting dental health. That is why our dentists work closely with our dental hygienist to provide you with a personalised preventive plan to ensure optimal gum health.

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Health Assessments (Examination)

At your initial consultation we establish your goals, spend time to put you at ease and find out how we can help.


A comprehensive oral health assessment is carried out including a full screen of all the soft tissues lining your mouth to spot any early signs of mouth cancer. We will also take any necessary x-rays and a 3D scan.


We will present your results and explain your options.  You and your dental team can then decide on a treatment plan that suits you, your budget, your time scale and your lifestyle.

General Dentistry
& Routine Check-ups

At waterside we place a great emphasis on preventative dentistry and encourage our patients to optimise their dental health through regular dental check-ups and regular hygiene maintenance appointments.


We offer a range of dental maintenance plans to encourage you to keep your smile healthy and regularly checked.

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At waterside we have developed a reputation over many years not just for our impeccable service but also our understanding and caring for nervous patients. If our headphones and ceiling mounted TV wasn’t enough to distract you from the treatment, we are able to medically sedate you into a calm, relaxed state.


We can offer any treatment under sedation, carried out by our highly experienced sedationists to ensure your dental journey is as smooth, safe and gentle as possible.


The hardest step is often picking up the phone and walking through the door, so to ease you in we offer free, non-clinical, informal appointments with our treatment coordinator Kim, so you can get to know us before you begin.