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We all remember the ugly black fillings from years gone by, but with advances in modern filling materials we are able to provide (unless requested) white filings for all our patients. Tooth coloured composite filling materials are not only very strong but with a guided hand can look and function just like your original tooth.

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If a tooth is badly broken down or perhaps it has needed a root canal treatment, it may require a crown or ‘cap’ to protect it. A crown is a tooth shaped shell, made bespoke to your tooth in a lab by one of our highly skilled lab partners which is cemented in place definitively. Statistically, they are the most successful long term dental restoration, lasting 25 years and beyond in many cases.


As a leading digital dental practice, we utilise 3D scanning technology meaning no messy, uncomfortable impressions!


For the perfect look, you can’t get better than porcelain veneers. Whether the look you’re going for is a bright, healthy more natural smile or the complete ‘Hollywood’ smile, porcelain veneers have got you covered.


Veneers are thin pieces of custom-made porcelain that is cemented into place on the front surface of a tooth. They are generally used for cosmetic purposes such as changing the shape, colour and alignment of the teeth.


With advances in dental adhesives and porcelain materials, we can now expect our veneers to last 10-15 years and beyond in many cases.