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Enhance My Smile

Invisalign is the clear, virtually invisible option to traditional fixed braces. We are experts in Invisalign treatment and are a designated Platinum Invisalign provider having successfully transformed hundreds of happy patients smiles.


With most smiles taking only 3-9 months and not involving any damage to your teeth. Invisalign is the ideal way to maximise your natural smile and restore your confidence in your smile. And with all our Invisalign packages including FREE tooth whitening and retainers at the end worth £600.00, call today to start your journey.


Why not get a sneak peek with a FREE scan your teeth to produce a 3Dsimulation of your smile transformation. If you then wanted to take it further, we would then arrange a clinical consultation where we would devise your tailored treatment solution for your smile makeover.

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Teeth Straightening

Invisalign Lite:


This is a reduced treatment time and cost and is aimed at patients who require minor corrections to their smiles. The same free whitening and retainers are included and with treatment being capped at 14 aligners, your teeth should be straight within 3-4 months time.  Invisalign Lite can also be performed on just your top or bottom teeth alone too, should you only wish to treat one arch.


Invisalign Comprehensive:


This applies to most cases as it allows for an unlimited number of aligners to produce your perfect smile. It can treat a wide range of crowding or spacing cases and treats both the upper and lower jaws. Treatment in most cases is completed within a 4-12 month time period and FREE whitening and retainers are included.

Straight Teeth

If a removeable solution isn’t for you, but you don’t want the classic metal braces, why not try Quick Straight Teeth. This is a traditional fixed brace but instead of metal brackets and wires uses tooth-coloured brackets and wires to make your smile journey more discreet.


Quick Straight Teeth braces can be performed on either the top, bottom or both jaws. Most cases typically take 6 months and we include FREE tooth whitening and retainers at the end of treatment worth £600.00. Arrange your free consultation with our treatment coordinator to find out more.

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